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ICIW Casual Pants Black WmnICIW Casual Pants Black WmnICIW Casual Pants Black Wmn

ICIW Casual Pants Black Wmn

ICIW Casual Pants
Life sometimes involve other events then training, we know, it sounds strange but from time to time you have to wear other things then workout clothes. The Casual series is our attempt to give you girls great looking clothes, that fits just as good as our workout line, but yet makes you fit in at work, the dinner or a night out. The pants are not aimed for workout.

Made in Europe, this pants are crafted in 62% Polyamide and 38% Lycra. YKK-zipper in the front and the 2+1 buttons completes the pants design. Flattering seams on calf, front and back upper leg and fake pockets in front and back. Possible to wear with a belt due to the added loops around the waist. Scrunchy seam in the back enhances the shapes of your bottom and is not visible when wearing the pants.

Available in Grey, Navy Blue and Black

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