About us

It all started with a Post-It note on a bathroom mirror – today we’re selling high quality performance wear world-wide.

The year is 2007 and ICANIWILL’s founder, Gustaf Ollas decides to take on his University studies without student loans. Working extra on weekends and holidays became a necessary part of his student life to make ends meet. On top of his studies, Gustaf started to blog about his daily life, which quickly turned into a workout blog. Later, the blog would become one of Sweden’s biggest blogs for exercise and diet.

To keep his drive and motivation going through challenging times, Gustaf put up a post-it note with the words I CAN, I WILL on his bathroom mirror. These words served as a daily reminder to keep focusing on his goals and working hard to reach them. Spending tons of hours at the gym, Gustaf realized that there was a gap in the sportswear market. The selection of compelling Swedish sportswear just weren’t sufficient. With this insight and Jon Olsson’s Camo pattern as inspiration, he decided to learn how to make his own clothes.

Two years and many samples later the first iconic Camo Tights were launched online. The tights were initially sold on pre-order, with four weeks delivery time, enabling the manufacturer to produce on demand. As Gustaf was the only one working with ICANIWILL, he spent all his waking hours designing new products, packing orders, running to the post office, replying to customers’ e-mails and building the brand on social media. The brand soon started to take off on Instagram where Gustaf could communicate with customers for feedback, input and new ideas.

Today, ICANIWILL is one of the fastest growing sportswear brands in Scandinavia and a well-established company in the Nordic and European countries. Just as the words ”I CAN I WILL” motivated Gustaf to push himself and dream big, ICANIWILL now continues to motivate and encourage others around the world to work hard and embrace their performance. ICANIWILL exists to enable our customers’ highest achievements through high quality sportswear and technical aspects. Welcome to the world of ICIW.