There is a reason why so many choose tights and leggings from ICIW for the training sessions. Whether you need running tights, workout tights, yoga or exercise tights, we have something for you. Here you will find different models and colors, with high waist, both patterned and single-colored. With custom designed models for best fit and quality, you will be able to feel comfortable from start to finish during your workout.

Workout leggings and training tights

The right training tights can be crucial to your performance at the gym. The harder you invest, the more important it becomes with the right equipment, and that also includes training clothes. The right workout leggings can be the difference between a perfectly okay workout and a personal best.

The perfect training tights should fit well and in place. They must not slide down in the waist or crotch, they must be stretchy, and they must be squatproof so you can feel safe during all movements.

Many of our leggings and training tights are made of seamless material, an incredibly popular material for those who train a lot. The material is knitted instead of woven and sewn together with a minimal number of seams. It provides an incredibly flexible, stretchy and soft material perfect for training clothes.

Workout tights and leggings has been one of the cornerstones in the ICANIWILL assortment since the beginning. The first ICANIWILL leggings were made to cover a gap in the market; cool, comfortable training tights of great quality. Training tights and leggings are still today one of our most important segments, and we’re proud of it.

ICANIWILL today sells leggings and workout tights I many different styles. From stretchy squat proof tights for tough workouts to soft and comfortable yoga pants. We’re confident you’ll find your new favorite leggings.

Leggings and workout tights come in many styles. Many prefer a high waist for full coverage and perfect fit. Seamless leggings are very popular and come in different knits, lengths and colors.